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Detox Your Emotions

You are a collection of all your experiences which includes good and bad emotions, all of which are held in specific energy patterns within you.

When any of these emotions are out of balance with who you truly are and the life you were meant to live, they can show up in your life or body as a problem, pain or feelings of being-off to get your attention.

Here at Balance Beyond Belief we can identify and shift the underlying emotions that are contributing or causing what you don't want in your life and body into bringing you back into balance. By working at the cellular and soul level we can shift and transmute that which no longer serves you and create the space for emotional and spiritual well-being which includes radiant health and true happiness.



Identify Limited and Generational Beliefs

Balance Beyond Belief allows you to identify and shift the underlying limited held beliefs and generational re-patterns in ones life that are contributing or causing what you don’t want in your life or body.

By working at a cellular and soul level, we can shift that which no longer serves you and creates the space for emotional and spiritual well-being which includes radiant health, balancing  all areas of your life which leads to happiness in your core essence. Perhaps you are going through or just experienced a major life change, a personal crisis or a wake-up call with your health and has you concerned and looking for spiritual guidance and you are willing to explore something new?

Maybe you have hit a low point in your life and are unhappy or unfulfilled and need direction as you know there is something more for you to be experiencing in your life,  or maybe it is daily stress or anxiety that needs attention to be released to find your center and inner peace within a balance state of being. Whatever you are going through it can be balanced. I use a variety of techiques to accomplish your healing as you it will leave your mind and body feeling absolutely rejuvenated.



Repeating Patterns

Have you ever noticed how you and others repeat the same unwanted patterns in their lives? Have you ever wanted to have the ability to see and understand why a situation is happening? In order to change repeated patterns we need to do some self discovery. Once we identify the behavior, and learning associated with the experience, we will then guide you in a process energetically in releasing the old patterns of perception as we align to the truth of who you
 Truly are Energetically! 


I have experienced many different healing modalities and I can say with absolute certainty that working with Camille is the fastest way to remove old negative programming and incorporate high-level beliefs that will make anyone’s life operate at a level beyond phenomenal. 
In just a few sessions, areas of my life that I had been unable to move forward shifted dramatically enough that I felt like a new person. Fears that held me back for years simply didn’t exist any longer. I was able to release fear thoughts and negative thinking that had plagued me. I do not experience anger like I used to. I am now the observer of my emotions and the thoughts that create these emotions. I am for the first time happy. I wake up with joy. I am not afraid to be alone. I can’t wait to see how this work will show up in an intimate relationship. 
I have also watched incredible changes with my 8-year old daughters. They have both gone through a few sessions. Although they have had two traumatic experiences at age 5 – divorce and the death of my mother who was like a second mother, they have been able to come to forgiveness and understanding that very few adults could even begin to feel. Sessions with Camille has allowed them to have a relationship with their father and to set clear boundaries without me interfering. I am amazed at seeing the results in their behavior and the level of self-confidence that they display. I am eternally grateful for Camille and the blessings our family has received as a result of our sessions.

Isa Angelo,
School teacher
Orange County, CA