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Whether it is a one on one, group or business session Camille offer's a variety of healing in one’s life as we are able to resolve past pain, identify imbalances, detox emotions and set you in a new pattern of quality living. Bringing your life / Business into Resolve, Happiness and Balance whether is it mental or emotional in nature! Assisting Local and International!

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I adore Camille.  I have found “a true angel” who understands me and gets to the heart of the matter so quickly.
My first session, I lost 17 years and I was asked if I was 30. Yes, just one session made me feel and look younger than I have in years. I smiled at a diner when I was asked---“You are 30, aren’t you?” I just smiled and said, “Thank you Camille”
I have been to see Camille 3 times and last night was AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, MAGNIFICENT, WONDERFUL, HEARTFELT HEALING. The joy I felt last night and today is off the charts.
I looked in the mirror this morning and started to cry tears of total bliss and joy. I said, “I love you!!!!” I feel so wonder-filled my heart is busting w/unconditional love.  Your love and healing has been the best gift I have been given in years. You have guided me to a new place and I have changed my address-----I have moved to “TOTAL BLISS AND HAPPINESS.”
All my heart has ever wanted has come true. You have given me wings to fly and soar---------Your love and healing is the greatest gift of all!
Considered yourself hugged.

Jenna Johnson, 
 Orange County, Ca

My husband David passed away on March 20th after he passed my anxiety and panic set in even more than usual. I did suffer from this before David passed away. I was blessed to have met Camille and started working with her on my fears and anxiety. Camille has a beautiful gift and a way of making me become more aware spiritually and opening my eyes to where I’m more in the moment then I ever thought possible. Talk therapy was not working for me at all. Camille has also worked with my boys’ ages 18 and 8. I have noticed a huge change and awakening in both of them. I now have built an amazing friendship with Camille as I consider her one of my soul sisters. She is ALWAYS there for my boys and me. I am continuing on my journey in clearing up my old patterns and becoming stronger each day  and becoming more conscious on my surrounding, my words, my actions and how they are affecting our daily life and how it affects my parenting as a single mother and the energy in our home. I am so grateful and blessed to have crossed paths with Camille. I KNOW that my husband had huge part in placing her in my life.  Camille I am truly grateful for our friendship and I love you!

Karin Parker