Master Teachers
Have taught us that healing is within us, after thousands of years the search continues ...


How does one stay balanced in all areas of life,
be at "Peace" within, to then create the life of your Dreams?

Welcome to Balance Beyond Belief!



Detox Your Emotions
Limited Beliefs / Unwanted Patterns

You are a collection of all your experiences which includes good and bad and emotions. All of which are held in specific energy patterns within you. 
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I use many types of energy balancing techniques, as each person is different I offer many techniques to see which one’s resonates the best for your 
Optimal Healing.
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Get in Touch

Private / Groups / Business

Whether it is a one on one session, a group of your friends/family/business that needs assistance, Camille will show you the latest tools and techniques to bring your lives into Balance.
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Camille has the gift of getting to the heart of whatever aspect of myself is ready to be worked on through each session. She is completely in integrity and is filled with divine love that she shares with all. I have been able to release old programs and beliefs that have been holding me back. It feels like I have come back to the real me, finally!!! My heart is open and I feel like anything is possible and I know this is the result of my work with Camille. Thank you Camille!!

Jane Childer,

Palos Verdes, CA